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Welcome to 500 Faces.

Today it occurred to me that although I've been drawing portraits for many years, and I like collecting things, I've never collected pictures of faces. I began looking through magazines for photos to collect, and realized why I'd never done so before. For 15 years I've used make-up and fashion ads to practice drawing. This is why my drawings are boring and my sense of beauty skewed. 500 Faces is a way to combat that fact, a photo-resource to help me discover what people really look like.

To achieve my goal of 500 different faces, I'm taking photos of people I know as well as strangers. I'm also asking anyone who's willing to send in a photo of his or herself to be posted on the blog. If you'd like to submit your photo, it would be exceeeeedingly appreciated. I will make sure to credit you with taking the photo.

To participate, send a photo of yourself to

Guidelines for submission:

1. Please include your first name in the email. Or if you wish to be anonymous, don't include your name and I'll title your photo "anonymous".

2. The photo should be a close-up (or roughly so), at least from the shoulders up. Anything that's sent in will be posted unless the model's already on the blog, or unless the photo is indecipherable (i.e. really blurry) or inappropriate (i.e. nudity).

3. The dimensions should be 500 x 375 pixels or larger. This is roughly the size that will be posted on the blog, and no larger size will be accessible to the public.

4. Finally, out of respect to humanity, I ask that you only submit a photo of yourself. If you want a photo submitted that features someone besides yourself, ask that person to submit it.

That's it. If you have any questions, please email me and I'd be happy to answer them.